CEIS Review releases “Quarterly Client Survey – 4QE14

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On an ongoing basis, CEIS Review compiles certain data from its completed reviews. The intent is to identify patterns and trends with regard to loan quality (LQ) within our client base, as well as gain further insight as to how those portfolios are administered. Using this information, CEIS then generates a quarterly report that focuses on the LQ patterns and trends that are identified by analyzing this data. The results are then segmented by region, portfolio size, and institution type. All client names and unique indicators are blinded from the report.

In this most recent edition, we have touched on some additional findings that you may find very useful. With growth occuring nationally among community banks, we decided to hone in on the quality of that growth among our client base as observed by several indicators. The indicators that we took into consideration are delinquencies, grade variances, grade outlook, and exceptions To request a copy of the most recent report please select here to email Justin Hill for your copy.