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CEIS Review’s Loan Review Program has been an instrumental part of our Credit Risk Management effort at ConnectOne Bank for the past 3 years. Working with CEIS Review has allowed us to more effectively manage credit risk and ensure quality standards are being met. CEIS has done an excellent job of bringing their market knowledge to our bank, recommending best practices, and identifying examiners’ focus in upcoming exams. Furthermore, they have worked with us to stay ahead of the turbulent regulatory environment in order to avoid potential problems. CEIS Review has become more of a partner to our organization rather than a vendor, one that can understand our fast-paced culture and work with us to accommodate our needs. We have great confidence in their commitment to maintaining a high level of industry and regulatory knowledge and loan review services.

Frank S. Sorrentino III,
Chairman, President & CEO

Credit Risk Management Review

CEIS evaluates a Client Institution’s internal Credit Risk Management framework to provide an objective assessment of the effectiveness of credit risk management controls in place in relation to regulatory guidance and leading industry “best practices”. Engagements may be structured to include or exclude accompanying policy and procedures documentation drafting dependent on the Clients request.

Commercial lending organizations will engage CEIS to review their Credit Risk Management controls when (a) establishing a credit risk management framework, (b) adjusting the credit risk management controls or, (c) prior to or following an agency’s regulatory examination.

Examples of the credit risk management review include:

  • Credit & Administration process – an overall review of an Institutions Credit & Credit related process’ related to commercial lending and portfolio management.
  • Internal Loan Review – an objective assessment of the Institutions loan review function including operational independence & Board support, annual coverage & timing, staffing appropriateness & overall effectiveness, and reporting.
  • Forensic Reviews – To identify the underlying causes associated with specific loan losses experienced within a portfolio segment or within a specific borrowing relationship.
  • Matters Requiring Attention (“MRA”) – CEIS provides guidance & support for Clients managing regulatory issues related to credit risk under a regulatory letter.

Credit Risk Management reviews can be performed as a standalone assignment or combined with a CEIS’  other services for a comprehensive solution.

Contact us to discuss an engagement customized to your specific needs, and learn how CEIS’ has assisted Institutions in developing departments, reviewing departments for improvement, addressing regulatory matters, and other Credit Risk Management reviews.