CEIS has consistently delivered top‐notch professional service, and offers great flexibility for us as a client. We have confidence in their commitment to maintaining a high level of industry and regulatory knowledge, as well as quality loan review services.

Vice President of Risk Management

CEIS Review was established in 1989 for the specific purpose of providing professional services to banks and other financial institutions. The company is independent in ownership and its practice. The primary business focus is assessing the quality of loan portfolios and their management independent of any potential conflicts from affiliated business activities or interests.

Loan Review Programs

CEIS Review’s cornerstone business is in providing commercial loan review programs for financial institutions. These programs are implemented by seasoned banking professionals who have senior lending and executive management experience. CEIS’ professionals have been associated with community banks, regional banks, money center banks, and commercial finance companies. CEIS’ commercial loan review programs are structured to incorporate industry best practices and exceed regulatory expectations, while also being customized to meet individual client’s specific needs. CEIS implements and actively manages the review programs by scheduling, at specific intervals, the reviews as well as monitoring coverage to ensure the scope is fulfilled. As a national firm we have the capabilities to perform the loan reviews either on-site, remotely, or a hybrid of the two arrangements depending on the client’s preference. Regardless of the logistics, we understand the value of having one on one personal interactions throughout the engagement process and keep Clients updated all throughout our engagements.

Loan Portfolio Stress Testing

CEIS Review’s Portfolio Stress Testing services assist an Institution’s Leadership and the Board of Directors in managing the risk profile and direction of risk for their respective Commercial Loan Portfolio’s.

CEIS Review has been performing Portfolio Stress Testing for a decade +, and in that time our approach has been viewed positively by all regulatory agencies, as well as independently validated by a third party.

Stress Tests are used by Banks to explore adverse economic scenarios to varying degrees. They can be customized for a Due Diligence assignment, a specialty portfolio segment such as Office or Retail, and set at a regular frequency to the Banks preference.

Loan Loss Reserve

CEIS Review performs CECL Validations to assess a Banks reserve methodology to determine if recommendations for enhancements to align with regulatory guidance and industry best practices is needed.

CEIS’ Validations include reviewing the Bank’s framework and process for the establishment of the CECL/ACL to incorporate the relevant regulatory requirements, including ASC 326 and OCC Bulletin 2020-49, as well as other regulatory and accounting guidance documents and industry best practices. Each validation considers unique portfolio characteristics, existing and prior performance of the portfolio, portfolio concentrations, loss migration and historical losses.

Ultimately, CEIS will form conclusions as to whether the methodology is appropriate for determining the Expected Loss (EL) of the earning assets portfolio, in compliance with GAAP and regulatory requirements, and implemented as outlined in applicable policies or narrative documents.

CEIS Consulting

CEIS Review consults Institutions on Credit Risk Management (CRM) matters that have been identified as needing improvement or assisting with policy and procedures updates to reflect the current regulatory and economic environment while incorporating industry best practices.

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