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CEIS’ independent loan review services are the most comprehensive, yet manageable, programs available to commercial lending institutions on the market.

CEIS has consistently delivered top‐notch professional service, and offers great flexibility for us as a client. We have confidence in their commitment to maintaining a high level of industry and regulatory knowledge, as well as quality loan review services.

Lisa H. Fornal, CPA,
VP Risk Management

Commercial Loan Review

CEIS Review’s cornerstone business is in providing commercial loan review programs for financial institutions. These programs are implemented by seasoned banking professionals who have senior lending and executive management experience. CEIS’ professionals have been associated with community banks, regional banks, money center banks, and commercial finance companies.

CEIS commercial loan review programs are structured to incorporate industry best practices and exceed any regulatory expectations, while also being customized to meet individual client’s specific needs. CEIS implements and actively manages the review programs by scheduling, at specific intervals, the reviews as well as monitoring coverage to ensure the scope is fulfilled. As a firm with clients in both North and South America, we have the capabilities to perform the loan reviews either on-site, remotely, or a hybrid of the two arrangements. We do understand the value of one on one personal interaction.

Our Commercial Loan Review Services

With the loan portfolio being the largest asset the majority of financial institutions possess, having a professional, objective, and efficient loan review program in place to monitor and protect those assets is a fundamental element of any well-structured credit risk management program.

The insights CEIS Review provides as part of an engagement in regards to the individual credits reviewed, policies & procedures, portfolio administration, industry best practices, and market knowledge all assist an institutions management in making informed decisions that directly impact the viability of that lending institution.

Client benefits of a CEIS Loan Review program:

  • Identification of potentially problematic assets or specific portfolio segments prior to incurring delinquencies or loss
  • Monitor and identify the accuracy of loan officers’ risk rating assessments
  • Make recommendations for loan policy and procedures improvements where warranted
  • Provide feedback with lending personnel and staff on deal structures and best practices as applicable
  • CEIS shares valuable insights on market conditions and any regulatory focus areas
  • Facilitate a holistic understanding of commercial portfolio credit quality and administration for Management and the Board

Commercial loan review is what we understand well, and we will communicate our process and findings with you throughout all the phases of the engagement.

Engaged Commercial Loan Reviewers

Independent Loan Review

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For each visit, we schedule sufficient resources to complete the on-site or remote review in an expeditious and professional manner.

Aside from reviewing the selected credit files, internal loan reports, and testing the loan documentation for completeness and accuracy, the conclusions CEIS provides always take into account discussions with the bank’s account officers. These conversations address those situations where there may remain a material question bearing on the final grade determination. At the conclusion of the on-site review, we orally present our findings to the appropriate management and discuss any remaining differences or open items as well as any observations regarding the lending and administrative process. After the on-site review, the reviewers send their write-ups and work papers to the CEIS office where the reviewers’ grade conclusions are subject to further review.

Subsequently, we deliver to the bank a detailed report, which is submitted as a “draft” so that any recent material developments or information can be considered prior to the final release. We look for the “draft” report to be completed within three weeks of completing the on-site review.

Proven Commercial Loan Review Reporting

The written report includes an executive summary of the report’s findings and recommendations regarding overall credit and loan portfolio management, portfolio quality, and a detailed write-up on each loan reviewed. The report includes summary schedules on the review’s conclusions relative to the overall bank and to the portfolio’s performance against its peers.

The summary schedules quantify:

  • Loan quality indicators
  • Risk Rating Grade Variances
  • Estimated outlook for potential grade migration
  • Structural weaknesses in transactions
  • Adequacy test of the loan loss reserve
  • Record of all relationships reviewed in the prior 12 months
  • Appraisals and cap rates
  • Exceptions to policy
  • Other custom schedules germane to the client’s portfolio

CEIS’ independent loan review services are the most comprehensive, yet manageable, programs available to commercial lending institutions on the market.

Trusted Advisors

As former bankers who have sat on the other side of the desk, we understand the demands placed on a commercial bank’s staff. That’s why each program we offer is designed to be seamlessly integrated into a financial organization’s current processes, while providing an unbiased professional determination on credit quality.

CEIS is actively engaged with banks, credit unions, and other lending organizations throughout the United States and abroad to perform loan review programs. Both institution management and directors utilize CEIS’ loan review reports to make informed decisions when managing their institutions and planning for the future.

At CEIS, we have established an unparalleled reputation that stands for expertise, efficiency, and integrity. We understand what it takes to work with all types of clients and the regulatory bodies that uphold legal and ethical standards.

To learn more about our loan review programs please contact us.

Remote / Off-Site Capability

CEIS Review has the capabilities to securely and efficiently perform off-site/remote loan reviews (LR) for Institutions. This approach has proven most beneficial to Institutions looking to;

  • Reduce or eliminate travel associated costs
  • Eliminate the need to reserve a conference room for a 1-2-week period
  • Minimize the client staffing resources that are assigned to facilitate the review

Whether a traditional onsite LR or a remote/off-site LR – CEIS’ process remain the same and the client can rest assured that all quality control mechanisms and oversight are in place for a remote/off-site Loan Review assignment just as with our traditional LR services.

For more information regarding our remote/off-site Loan Review services please contact us today.