Leveraged Loan and Specialty Finance Review


CEIS Review examines important analytical considerations of leveraged loan performance for us as part of our Loan Review Program. This is very useful for the Bank in monitoring credit risk, as it allows us to maintain a current assessment of the transactions’ progress.

SVP & Chief Credit Officer

CEIS’ reporting on leveraged loans is very in-depth, touches on several unique Leveraged Loan Performance Indicators, and provides insightful and detailed write-ups for each transaction. This allows us to maintain a high standard in managing our commercial portfolio.


CEIS Review’s Leveraged Loan (“LL”) Reviews are performed by experienced professionals that address the borrower’s capitalization, performance to plan, and other analytical elements common to the LL marketplace. CEIS complies with the Interagency Guidance on Leveraged Lending (March 22, 2013 – including subsequent FAQs and information circulars) relating to a Bank’s LL credit policy formation, underwriting, and portfolio monitoring.

Our Leveraged Loan reviews focus on factors such as the transaction structure, repayment from primary and secondary sources, performance to plan, the Bank’s review and analysis of enterprise value, ability to de-lever, borrower leverage and liquidity, and refinance risk. Further, the review includes an analysis comparing financial performance to initial projections and its impact on the ability of the borrower to de-lever to a sustainable level within a reasonable period, as well as overall appropriate observations and recommendations.

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