Loan Policy Maintenance

CEIS has consistently delivered top‐notch professional service, and offers great flexibility for us as a client. We have confidence in their commitment to maintaining a high level of industry and regulatory knowledge, as well as quality loan review services.

Vice President of Risk Management

CEIS writes and updates loan policy and manuals that reflect the loan portfolio profile and the markets that the client serves.

Whether an institution has plans for growth or for diversify their portfolio, the policy needs to be adjusted to take these changes into consideration. It is standard best practice to have changes addressed prior to portfolio changes, this ensuring the policies and procedures for managing the portfolio are sound.

CEIS specializes in Credit Review policy and procedures. CEIS can either evaluate or create the necessary changes to a Bank’s Credit Review or Risk Rating System and create fluidity within and between the policy manual and the procedural handbook. The changes or recommendations we make are aligned with the Bank’s portfolio concentration, size, and applicable regulatory guidance.

Contact us to learn more about how our Loan Policy Maintenance services may be of assistance to your organization.

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