COVID-19 Reserve Analysis Assistance

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CEIS Review understands that banks have heightened their consideration of “today’s” reserve level adequacy and plans for near to medium term provisions. Reserve levels are currently being impacted by a number of events, some of which are difficult to quantify and will only emerge over time.

Decisions need to be made and there are several tools available to support your decisions. These include targeted loan review analysis and segment stress testing as well as further development of your reserve’s quantitative impact and qualitative factorsAs all of the experts anticipate this crisis is not going away immediately, preparation for the upcoming cycles is imperative.

CEIS is available as a sounding board and/or as a resource to assist in your reserve efforts. We are pleased to tell you that John Hurlock, Managing Director is tasked as our primary resource on the reserve and provisioning topic.

John’s 30+ years’ experience, combined with the seasoned professionals at CEIS Review specializing in Loan Review, Stress Testing, and Reserve Validation and Advisory engagements are available to work with our clients to navigate these troubled cycles, as we have since 1989.

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