Due Diligence Portfolio Review

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As we are fast approaching the midpoint of the year, CEIS Review anticipates an increase in mergers and acquisitions in the banking industry. With the recent failures and regulators now taking a harder look, it is more important than ever for acquirers and sellers to obtain an objective, thorough, and comprehensive portfolio due diligence review. We at CEIS Review are proud to have conducted billions’ worth of commercial due diligence portfolio reviews in just a few years. Our assignments involve a dedicated team of 2 to 10+ professionals, ensuring adequate staffing for a thorough and comprehensive portfolio assessment.

By identifying potential risks, opportunities, and insights for investment decisions and maximizing returns, CEIS Review’s Due Diligence Loan Portfolio Review service has been objectively evaluating commercial credit portfolios for acquiring parties since 1989. Our extensive experience, expertise, and proven track record make us the trusted partner for any due diligence needs.

Our review process assesses the reliability of the credit risk rating system, loan approval and monitoring, effectiveness of credit and loan administration, and adequacy of the loan loss reserve. We deliver high-quality results that meet the needs of our clients by providing a detailed report, including a summary of observations and a conclusion with a written report of each reviewed loan.

Our capabilities include evaluating traditional CRE and C&I loan portfolios, as well as sophisticated and complex lending segments such as international loans, leveraged lending, SNCs, project finance, energy, O&G, shipping, mining, aviation, and others. We pride ourselves on clear communication throughout the engagement with daily exception and risk rating variance updates.

All deliverable reporting is reviewed in detail internally by CEIS Review’s Senior Management prior to issuance, ensuring top quality control. We provide on-site, remote, or hybrid assignments and provide expedited coordination with short lead times of 2 to 4 weeks. All secure correspondence and interaction will be at our client’s direction.

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