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Segment Review Managers


John P. Macukas, Managing Director- Structured Finance Review

Mr. Macukas is Managing Director – Structured Finance Review with CEIS and has over 27 years banking experience from his association with commercial banks and his consulting activities. John is responsible for managing all specialty reviews of a structured finance, corporate finance and asset based nature. He was associated with banks in New York and Connecticut and served in the capacity of Chief Credit Officer and manager of various credit and audit responsibilities. The banks included Bank Austria Creditanstalt, The Bank of Tokyo Trust Co., and The Bank of New York. His responsibilities included managing portfolios consisting of loans and equity investments to large and mid-sized corporations across a diversified range of industries. He established credit risk functions, corporate finance underwriting due diligence function, credit policy compliance function.

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Santiago Morera, Director – International Review & Executive Consultant

Mr. Morera is a Director of International Review with CEIS and has more than 30 years of experience from his association with domestic banks and international banks, as well as from his consulting activities. Mr. Morera’s responsibilities have included client acquisition and relationship management, corporate finance and syndications, trade finance, credit administration, loan review, and credit analysis. He has been member of ALCO, credit and risk management committees. Most recently Mr. Morera was SVP and General Manager of BICSA’s Miami Agency. Previously he held various functions at Bank of America and Union Bank of California, where he advanced to senior level positions. Santiago graduated from Utah State University with a BS in finance that was followed with an MBA from Golden Gate University.

Paul Gottwald, Director – Real Estate Review

Mr. Gottwald is Director – Real Estate Review with CEIS and has over 30 years’ experience in the commercial and mortgage banking industries as well as from his consulting activities. He has extensive experience in underwriting real estate transactions as well as in administering / managing significant loan portfolios. He has held positions in the commercial banking industry as Senior Vice President and in real estate industry as Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer, and Investment Manager. He was associated with Deutsche Bank as consultant / CMBS underwriter and franchise loan underwriter. Previously, he was with Paine Webber, Skopbank Asset Management and separately with Skopbank New York Branch, Rossman-Danner Company in Florida, The Balcor Company in Illinois, and Chemical Bank in New York.

Christopher G. Webbe, Executive Consultant

Mr. Webbe is a Executive Consultant with CEIS and had over 30 years’ experience as a commercial banker and consultant. He provides loan review services for domestic and international portfolio segments.

Mr. Webbe was formerly associated with Park Avenue Bank in New York; Banco Rio de la Plata, New York Agency; Daiwa Bank Limited, New York; and Lloyds Bank Limited, New York Office and London Office. His career included responsibilities as Senior Credit Officer; manager and agent for Agency; Chief Inspector, and manager of lending functions. Mr. Webbe’s lending and management experience includes international as well as domestic portfolios.

Mr. Webbe graduated from The Leys School, Cambridge, and Cambridge University (MA Honors). He is fluent in Spanish.

Gerald Rosa, Senior Consultant

Mr. Rosa is a Senior Consultant with CEIS who has over 40 years’ experience in the commercial banking and asset based finance industry. During his banking career, he has held titles of Senior Vice President, Senior Credit Officer, Corporate Manager of Asset Based Lending and Deputy Credit Manager.

Prior to joining CEIS, Mr. Rosa was affiliated with Sovereign/Santander Bank as a Senior Credit Officer, and was formerly associated with CIT Group Business Finance, Barclays American Business Credit and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company.

Mr. Rosa obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Thomas Edison State University.

Edward F. Denneen, Senior Review Consultant – Consumer & Residential

Mr. Denneen is a Senior Review Consultant and Reviewer with CEIS and provides loan review services concerning the commercial and Consumer and Residential portfolio segments. He has over 30 years banking experience from his prior association with money market and regional banks as well as from his business and consulting activities.

Mr. Denneen has held positions at Chemical Bank and at Republic National Bank of New York. He began his career at Chemical Bank where he developed his credit and compliance review experience. While at Chemical, he managed credit risk review departments and teams concentrating on commercial and consumer portfolios. While at Republic, he was team leader for on-site reviews including: middle market, private banking, corporate banking, international banking, commercial real estate, capital markets, consumer credit, residential mortgage, and factoring.

Mr. Denneen received his BS from Hofstra University, and completed the Chemical Bank credit and other related training programs. Training included the Fair Isaac’s Systematic Approval (FICO-Scorecard) and the ABA – BankCard Management School program.

Anthony T. O’Reilly, Executive Consultant

Mr. O’Reilly is an Executive Consultant with CEIS Review who brings over 25 years of senior and executive level commercial banking experience.

Mr. O’Reilly’s career has revolved around structuring and then managing complex loan portfolios that contained: corporate finance, leveraged lending, asset based lending, and various other forms of collateralized debt structures. Additionally, he has established foreign Bank offices with a loan finance platform involved in leverage and middle market lending. Some title designations which Mr. O’Reilly has held are SVP – Business Development Credit Officer, SVP – Head of Corporate and Leverage Finance, Canada, and SVP – Capital Markets North American Division.

Mr. O’Reilly received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Villanova University, as well as an MBA from Dowling College. He has received credit training of various levels from Citibank, Moody’s, FitchTraining, and S&P Center for Financial Education.

Peter J. Bianco, Senior Reviewer

Mr. Bianco is a Review Consultant with CEIS providing loan review services for domestic portfolio segments. Mr. Bianco has over 22 years’ experience in banking and real estate.

During his career, Mr. Bianco’s experiences include being a Bank Examiner, formal credit program trainer, loan workout officer, underwriter, manager of a credit group, real estate administration coordinator, middle market lender, as well as a principle at a private equity fund investing in distressed real estate portfolios.

Mr. Bianco’s prior associations were with The Federal Reserve Bank of NY, European American Bank, NatWest Bank, JPMorgan Chase Bank, TD Bank, and Stairway Capital. Mr. Bianco obtained his Bachelor of Science in Finance/International Business from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

James H. Brown, Executive Consultant

Mr. Brown is an Executive Consultant with CEIS, providing services to the banking industry evaluating the quality of loan portfolios and the effectiveness of an organization’s overall credit risk management.

He has over 30 years’ experience from his prior association with regional banking, money market banking, and investment banking. As a commercial banker, Mr. Brown was a correspondent banker, senior middle market lender and manager, and Senior Banker Corporate Finance and team leader. As an investment banker, he was a principal responsible for corporate finance roles from advisory on restructurings and M&A to the placement of private debt and equity. Beyond banking, Mr. Brown held positions as Finance Director for energy and other finance related firms.

Mr. Brown’s prior associations included Fieldstone Private Capital Group, NYC, Bankers Trust Co., Manufacturers Hanover Trust, and Franklin National Bank. He graduated from Long Island University with MBA in Economics (Cum Laude) and from Fordham University with BA. His language proficiency includes French and German.

Paul E. Carr, Executive Consultant

Mr. Carr is an Executive Consultant with CEIS whose functions include loan review, and marketing and business development. He has over 35 years of commercial banking and consulting experience and began his career with Chemical Bank (New York) as a management trainee and progressed through the various line functions to attain several senior level positions including President of an upstate New York subsidiary bank, President of Connecticut start-up operation and District Head of a large middle market lending district in NYC. He also was Senior Vice President and area manager for Banco Popular de Puerto Rico’s New York operation as well as Chief Executive of a start-up community bank located on Long Island.

Mr. Carr graduated from St. Bonaventure University and received his MBA in Finance from Iona College.

Robert M. Craig, Executive Consultant

Mr. Craig is an Executive Consultant with CEIS and provides loan review and asset recovery services for domestic and international portfolio segments. His expertise includes reviewing portfolios as well as non-performing asset reductions, loan and real estate workouts, debt restructuring and negotiation, and charge-off recoveries.

He has over 35 years experience from his association with savings banks, commercial banks, and his consulting activities in loan and real estate workouts and turnarounds. Mr. Craig was previously associated with First Fidelity Bank, New Jersey, Concord Americas, New Jersey, Corestates New Jersey National Bank, Value Property Trust, New Jersey, Asset Management Strategies, New Jersey, Independence Community Bank, New York and lastly, Sovereign Bank. He is fluent in Spanish.

Michael K. Crawford, Senior Consultant

Mr. Crawford is a Senior Consultant with CEIS providing loan review services for domestic portfolios. He has over 30 years experience from his association with commercial banks, bank agencies and consulting activities. Mr. Crawford’s responsibilities included those as Senior Loan Officer, member of ALCO, Credit and Management Committees, Senior Credit Officer, and other functional segments of banking organizations. He was previously associated with Danske Bank, New York, Banco Totta & Acores, New York, First Fidelity Bank, New Jersey, and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company.

Mr. Crawford’s experience includes structuring and delivering commercial loan training curriculums; participating as faculty member of NY State Bankers Association Executive Development Program. He graduated from Colgate University.

Gary Dycus, Executive Consultant, Report Response Editor

Mr. Dycus is an Executive Consultant in Administration & Projects and is responsible for editing, analyzing and reporting the findings from the field reviews and CEIS’ own analysis of the client’s loan quality trends. Mr. Dycus is a credit risk professional with over 35 years domestic and international experience at lending, banking and insurance organizations. Specifically, he has experience in commercial and real estate finance, mortgage banking, financial institutions, asset-backed securities, real estate workout, credit audit, credit review, credit approvals, asset-backed security workout.

Mr. Dycus was formerly associated with Development Alternatives, Inc. Enterplan Limited (U.K.), Coffey International Development, Price Waterhouse Coopers (Laos) Ltd., Madison Consulting Group, MBIA Insurance Corporation, Capital Markets Assurance Corporation (CapMAC), and Chase Manhattan Bank.

Alan Harper, Senior Reviewer

Mr. Harper is a Senior Reviewer with CEIS, bringing over 30 years’ experience in the commercial banking industry.

Mr. Harper’s background includes Citicorp as International Economist, New York Mercantile Exchange as Editor and Marketing Specialist, and Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd as Senior Vice President supervising and controlling credit exposures to customers based in the Americas. His experience includes assessing and maintaining portfolio quality, process and procedure as well as strategies for lending to specialized industries.

Mr. Harper graduated with honors in economics and mathematics from McGill University, Montreal, obtained his M.A. in Economics from Columbia University, and received an Advanced Certificate in Finance from New York University. He is fluent in French.

Robert J. Brandow, Senior Consultant

Mr. Brandow is a Senior Consultant and Field Reviewer with CEIS assessing the quality of loan portfolios. He has over 30 years’ experience as a banker, and consultant.

His experience included managing asset based lending relationships, mortgage financings and derivatives, structured finance, retail portfolios, criticized portfolios, and general commercial & industrial accommodation. He was formerly associated with Sun National (NJ), Soverign Bank (NJ), GMAC Commercial Finance (NYC) Wells Fargo Retail Finance (Boston), Fleet Bank (Boston) and Sumitomo Bank (NYC).

Mary Ellen O’Malley, Senior Consultant

Ms. O’Malley is a Senior Reviewer with CEIS and has over 30 years’ experience from her prior associations as well as time with CEIS. Her exposure has included syndication and distribution of for domestic and international corporate clients.

Other responsibilities included heading energy finance teams, project finance, and commercial real estate. Industry and loan types are varied and included oil and gas, power & utilities, and general corporate. Prior associations included IBM Global Financing, APS Financial Corporation, CIT Group, HSBC Securities (USA), Banca Itesa, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Deutsche Banc Alex Brown, Barclays Bank PLC, and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co.

Daniel J. Horan, Executive Consultant

Mr. Horan is an Executive Consultant with CEIS providing commercial loan review and related consulting services for clients. Dan has over 30 years of experience from his prior associations with money market, international, and regional banks. His expertise includes but is not limited to asset recovery/workout planning, lending policies and procedures, credit risk management and corporate and project finance transactions. Institutions of his prior associations are European American Bank, NatWest Bank, CITI Bank, and BPD Bank.

Mr. Horan obtained both his undergraduate and his Masters in Business Administration degree from St. John’s University in New York, New York.

Claudia J. Machaver, Executive Consultant

Ms. Machaver is an Executive Consultant with CEIS Review whose skillset primarily involves leveraged lending and structured finance review engagements as well as engagements involving complex commercial portfolios.

Claudia has over 25 years of commercial banking and securities experience from her career at JPMorgan Chase as well as her consulting work. While at JPMorgan Claudia has held positions such as; Managing Director and Group Head of Commercial Bank Financial Sponsors, handling leveraged transactions and banking capabilities to middle market equity sponsors and corporate clients, Managing Director of Commercial Bank Asset Securitization, and Chief Operating Officer of the Commercial Bank where she headed credit administration, established policies & procedures, and implemented corporate business strategies across the firm.

Claudia has served on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity – New York City, the Advisory Council of Baruch College Continuing and Professional Studies, and the Investment Committee of Legal Services of New York.

Claudia holds a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.A. from Columbia University.

Robert Mathews, Senior Reviewer

Mr. Mathews is a Senior Reviewer with CEIS Review who has more than 30 years of commercial banking and finance experience. Mr. Mathews career has consisted of; loan portfolio and special asset management, global syndication loan origination and closing, and real estate portfolio management. Titles which he has held have been that of VP, Real Estate Syndications, Director, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Project Finance Loan Syndications, and VP, Global Syndicated Finance Credit & Lending. Mr. Mathews prior associations are with Chase Manhattan Bank, Barclays De Zoete Wedd, Redcliffe Capital Limited, and Commercial Industrial Finance Corporation.

Mr. Mathews obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Washington and Lee University, served in the United States Army, and went on to obtain his MBA from the University of Florida.

John McKenna, Senior Review Consultant

Mr. McKenna is a Senior Consultant with CEIS who has over 35 years’ experience in the commercial banking industry. Mr. McKenna is an experienced manager and senior credit officer. During his career Mr. McKenna has held positions such as Regional Manager, Corporate Asset Funding Group Manager, New York Asset Based Lending Manager, and Senior Vice President of Capital Markets Group. Mr. McKenna’s prior associations are with Citicorp/Citibank, Sanwa Business Credit Corp., The Cit Group, and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Mr. McKenna obtained his Bachelors degree in Business from Mt. St. Mary’s College in Maryland, and his MBA from the University of Baltimore.

Dean T. Morgan, Regional Executive

Mr. Morgan is a Regional Executive with CEIS who has over 27 years of senior and executive level commercial banking experience.

Mr. Morgan’s career has included responsibilities as Head of a Corporate Banking department for a Nationally recognized regional Bank, establishing a comprehensive risk management framework and then managing the implementation of the program for a growth-oriented community bank, advising management and directors on recapitalization or wind-down options for an institution, identifying and evaluating acquisition targets for an international finance company, and presiding over two community banks where he was involved in most facets of every day operations.

Some of the title designations which Mr. Morgan has held have been Senior Loan Officer, Director of Credit, SVP, Corporate Banking, VP, Underwriting and Risk Management, and President & CEO.

Mr. Morgan received his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Marietta College in Ohio, and holds an MBA in Finance from University of New Haven, CT. He currently resides in Nashville, TN.

Robert H. Ray, Executive Consultant

Mr. Ray is an Executive Consultant with CEIS and has over 25 years’ experience as a commercial banker and analyst.

Mr. Ray was associated for approximately 14 years with Moody’s Investors Service as Senior Vice President and Managing Director. During that period he chaired Rating Committees and managed resources concentrating in industries such as telecom and media, health care, chemicals, forest products, transportation, and capital goods. Assignments included a period in London managing team of analysts responsible for corporate ratings of issuers domiciled in Europe. Prior to joining Moody’s, Mr. Ray was associated with regional and community banks in New Jersey and New York, advancing to Vice President.

Mr. Ray graduated with MBA from Pace University in New York and holds an Undergraduate Degree in Economics from Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania.

William Rooney, Senior Reviewer

Mr. Rooney is a Senior Reviewer with CEIS and has more than 35 years of experience in the commercial banking and securities industries. Mr. Rooney is an experienced credit risk manager and accountant. Mr. Rooney has held positions such as Audit Manager, Credit Manager, and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Rooney’s prior associations are with KPMG, Lehman Brothers Inc., Nomura Securities, and Platinum Funding Group.

Mr. Rooney graduated from St. Francis College with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He further went on to obtain his M.B.A in Controllership from St. John’s University.

Frank Sisinni, Senior Reviewer

Mr. Sisinni is a Senior reviewer with CEIS having 30 years of experience in regional, investment, and international and domestic commercial banking. During his career Mr. Sisinni has been involved with credit analysis, underwriting, analytical team development, and portfolio risk management. Mr. Sisinni has held positions at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., Foreign Credit Insurance Association, and Barclays Bank/Barclays PLC/Barclays Capital.

Mr. Sisinni obtained an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from New York University.

Frank T. Ziella, Senior Reviewer

Mr. Ziella is a Senior Reviewer with CEIS and has over 30 years experience as commercial banker, bank examiner, and consultant.

Mr. Ziella spent approximately 14 years with the State of New York Banking Department as an Examiner, Senior Bank Examiner and lastly as Principal Bank Examiner. During that time, he was responsible for the review of field examination reports, primary contact with a multitude of financial institutions in connection with regulatory matters, and involved in the liquidation of the New York branch of Argentine Bank and appointed title of “Special Agent”. Subsequently, he joined the Bank of Tokyo/Mitsubishi and advanced during his 16 years there to General Manager and Chief Credit Examiner. During this association, he was responsible for the annual examinations and review of exposures booked in branches, agencies, and subsidiaries in 15 major North American locations.

Douglas Ruby, Senior Consultant

Mr. Ruby has over 30 years’ experience in commercial lending. He has extensive experience in portfolio management, due diligence, monitoring of large loan portfolios, loss mitigation and best practice underwriting standards including real estate and construction lending.

During his career Mr. Ruby has held positions of Senior Vice President and Team Leader, Head of Real Estate Capital Markets, Director of Special Accounts, Vice President, and Senior Branch Manager. Prior to joining CEIS, Mr. Ruby was affiliated with Bank of Nova Scotia where he spent most of his career in positions of increasing responsibility and most recently with Sumitomo Mitsui.

Mr. Ruby obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada and his MBA from University of Western Ontario. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers (FICB).

Harold F. Birk, Senior Consultant

Mr. Birk brings with him over 25 years of credit risk management experience. Mr. Birk’s prior associations were with Bank of New England, CIBC (New York), and Natixis. His diverse experience includes developing and managing structured credit portfolios, building multi-billion dollar loan books, origination, negotiating and managing down workout portfolios, determining loan-loss provisions, and implementing and leading growth plans.

Mr. Birk obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Boston College and his MBA from Northeastern University.

Cynthia Werneth, Senior Consultant

Ms. Werneth is a Senior Reviewer and has over 25 years’ experience from her association with CEIS and her time with prior organizations.

She has extensive rating agency and international corporate lending experience across economic and industry cycles. Prior associations included Standard & Poor’s (NYC), Bank Austria (Unicredit) (NYC and Vienna, Austria), Commerzbank (NYC and Paris, France), and Hessische Landesbank (Helaba) (NYC and Frankfurt, Germany).

Ms. Werneth is fluent in German and proficient in French.

Mary Ellen Nixon Moore, Senior Consultant

Ms. Nixon-Moore is a Senior Reviewer with CEIS providing loan review and senior editing services for domestic portfolios. She has over 32 years of experience in the commercial banking industry. During her banking career she has held the titles of Vice President of Underwriting, Vice President Senior New Business Development, and Vice President of the Factoring Division. She was formerly associated with Barclays American Commercial NC, Commercial Credit Financial Services, Marine Midland Bank, LaSalle Business Credit, Banco Popular, and Platinum Funding Group.

Ms. Nixon-Moore obtained a Bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University.

Sally C. Harwood, Senior Review Consultant

Ms. Sally Harwood is a Senior Review Consultant providing loan review services primarily on the Consumer and Residential Mortgage segments of clients’ portfolios. Ms. Harwood has over 30 years of experience from her prior associations with money market and investment banks.

She has developed analytical tools for and conducted due diligence review of consumer and corporate assets, including automobiles, credit cards, business loans in the US, Mexico and Canada. Her responsibilities included: risk management reviews addressing default and operational reviews to better assess a client’s true underwriting and collection abilities; credit score creation to standardize risk analysis across automobile clients; “soup to nuts” credit reviews for the FDIC, RTC, and private investors, including bidding, staffing, and project management; and structured client mortgage reviews.

Prior associations include Financial Security Assurance, Hanover Capital Partners, Inc., Citicorp Investment Bank, The Boston Company, and Chemical Bank. Ms. Harwood has held positions such as Director and Vice President at such institutions.

Ms. Harwood holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from The College of William and Mary and further went on to obtain a Master of Business Administration from The Colgate Darden Graduate School.

Anton G. Mallner, Review Consultant

Mr. Mallner is currently an independent consultant specializing in risk and credit policy direction, risk asset and portfolio management, business development and all aspects of credit and lending training.

During his career, Mr. Mallner’s experiences include his roles as Chief Risk Officer, Chief Credit Officer, during which time he handled business development in South America, taught a complete credit & banking program at Chase’s affiliate in Saudi Arabia, The Saudi Investment Banking Corp., as well as managing SIBC’s Eastern Region office and creating SIBC’s Credit Policy Guide to ensure sound lending practices. He chaired the Credit Policy Committee as well as the Investment Committee at Amalgamated Bank, as well as having been a member of all the senior committees at Bank of Qatar.

Mr. Mallner graduated from Manhattan College, received his MBA in Management and Finance from New York University, as well as a Master’s degree in Human Resources from Columbia University. He has also conducted numerous in-bank and external training programs, seminars and conferences.