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CEIS Review’s Loan Review Program has been an instrumental part of our Credit Risk Management efforts at our Regional Bank for the past several years. Working with CEIS Review has allowed us to more effectively manage credit risk and ensure quality standards are being met.

Chairman, President & CEO

Our engagement with CEIS Review not only meets the OCC’s requirement for independent credit review, but it also provides our team with valuable coaching and guidance on industry best practices.


CEIS Review evaluates and assesses commercial loan portfolios to assist Senior Management & The Board in objectively assessing the Credit Risk Quality & Administration of their Institutions portfolios.

Providing Commercial Loan Review (“LR”) programs for Financial Institutions is CEIS Review’s cornerstone business. These LR programs are managed and executed by highly experienced senior bankers with extensive industry experience who have worked with community banks, regional banks, money center banks, international banks, and commercial finance companies.

Our commercial loan review programs are structured to incorporate industry best practices and exceed regulatory expectations. Programs can be further tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Reviews can be conducted virtually, on-site, or remotely to the client’s preference. Regardless of the logistics, we emphasize clear and consistent communication throughout the review and reporting process.

Learn more about the specific loan review programs CEIS offers:

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