Joseph J. Hill

President and CEO

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Mr. Hill is the founder, President and CEO of CEIS Review, Inc. Mr. Hill has over 35 years of commercial banking and financial management experience resulting from his prior association with money market and regional banks as well as his business investment and consulting activities. Mr. Hill held management positions at the Bank of Virginia, Bankers Trust Company, Barnett Bank of Florida, Inc., Barnett Bank of Jacksonville, Barnett Bank of Broward County, Franklin National Bank and Irving Trust Company.

He has reorganized and managed commercial and real estate lending divisions as well as loan and credit administration functions. Mr. Hill has written and administered commercial and real estate policies, chaired loan committees, and redefined and managed commercial lending training programs. His direct lending activities as a banker included all types of unsecured/secured and short/long term accommodations. The purposes involved leveraged buyouts, trade financing, debt restructuring, working capital, and project financing, plant expansion, real estate development and other similar needs.

In the business community, Mr. Hill previously served as Director of Solitron Devices, Inc. (ASE, High Technology Company); Advisory Directory of National Energy Capital Corporation (OTC, Energy Project Finance); interim President of Domestic Oil Corporation (Oil Production); interim Vice President-Finance of Sussex Valley Development Corporation (Real Estate development); interim President of AMCAL Chemical Company, Inc. (Chemical Manufacturer); director of Octagon, Inc. (NASDAQ, High Technology Company); and member of American Arbitration Association’s Panel of Arbitrators.

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