George F. Psomopoulos

Managing Director and Senior Editor

[email protected]

Mr. George F. Psomopoulos is a Managing Director and Senior Editor with CEIS Review who has over 35 years of commercial banking and leadership experience. He is responsible for editing and analyzing the findings of CEIS’ loan reviewer teams and preparing and presenting the Client’s loan review findings.

Mr. Psomopoulos is experienced with commercial real estate, commercial and industrial, government guaranteed lending, and varieties of the aforementioned, ranging from small and middle market borrowers to large shared national credit multi – borrower structures.

Establishing, leading, and managing credit teams and programs and policies while maintaining stellar credit quality throughout challenging environments are hallmarks of George’s career which he employs at CEIS Review.

Mr. Psomopoulos’ prior associations were Citibank, Consolidated Bank, N.A., Suntrust, City National Bank of Florida. Florida Community Bank, N.A., and Canyon Community Bank, N./A. Positions have included President and CEO, EVP and Chief Credit Officer, SVP Middle Market, EVP Corporate Banking Risk Director, and Regional Commercial Banking Manager. Mr. Psomopoulos received his formal credit training at Southeast Bank, N.A., Miami – Florida.

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