David A. Vest

Managing Director | Stress Testing

[email protected] - LinkedIN

Mr. Vest is Managing Director – Stress Testing. He manages and supervises the ongoing data assembly requirements, analysis, and report generation that provides the clients’ stress analysis.

He has over 30 years of credit risk management experience ranging from credit portfolio modeling to corporate finance lending, loan review, credit policy/administration, loan workout, and bank regulation. He is a versatile subject matter credit expert blending technical proficiency and business savvy in creating objective and timely outputs. Experienced in evaluating credit risk at both granular and portfolio levels and evaluathe the integrity of credit risk processes. He was formerly associated with Mizuho Bank, Ltd, Bank of New York, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Unibank a/s (n/k/a Nordea Bank Denmark A/S), and Manufacturers Hanover trust Company. Most recently he was Senior Vice President at Mizuho in the Risk Management Division engaged as senior risk manager in credit risk modeling activities in the Americas and US credit risk reporting.

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