Community Bank Partner – Commercial Portfolio Management

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Over the past 8 weeks impacts of the actions taken to safeguard everyone from the virus and “flatten the curve” have forced many changes on both our personal and professional activities. As we begin the task to assess these changes and their potential impacts we need to also evaluate what tools are available to help with these evaluations.

CEIS Review has been a key partner to Community and Savings Banks since 1989. Through its team of experienced team of bankers we have been a able to assist our clients through difficult economic periods and we are ready again to provide that assistance today. Our Loan Review and Stress Testing teams can provide expert alternative resources while institutions are focused on day to day operations. Our outputs are excellent resources for management to employ in the decision processes for portfolio management, risk rating analysis, reserve management and capital management.

Our remote capabilities have enabled CEIS Review to remain as a supportive function for Client Institutions.

Reach out today to discuss how CEIS Review may assist your Institution