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Employment Opportunities

Credit Analyst

Job Duties:

Create loan portfolio sample lists for commercial and leveraged loan reviews in according with specific client requirement; analyze borrower’s business model, industrial review and financial status, including corporate or individual financial statements, tax returns, and balance sheet and income statement analysis in order to determine the feasibility of as prospective borrowers or determine risk exposure in extending credit facilities for existing clients; analyze data from onsite Consultant to create financial schedules and extract important statistics such as risk rating and loan loss reserve data in order to assess the performance of each loan in portfolio samples and generate reports that identify grade variances between bank and audited rating, grade outlook and financial trend, and estimated loan loss reserve for criticized loans; continuously monitor and review commercial credit relationships for accurate risk ratings of loans and early identification of deterioration in credit quality.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor of Finance.
  • Three months experience in same or any related positions.

Please mail your resume with cover letter to:
– Attn: Justin Hill, CEIS Review, 75 Broad St #820, New York, NY 10004